Only 20g
Easy to carry

It's only take half weight from last model and you'll fell more different when you wear it.

Negative ion generation become more.

Achieved the Level 5 confirmation of JAIRA. Negative ion generation quantity: approx. 190,000cm3.

More Convenience!
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Simply recharge IONION LX with USB cord and no more AA battery are needed.

The famous IONION LX upgrade again.

Ionion LX ultra small, lightweight portable negative ion generator

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Surrounded by clean air ions

IONION LX achieved the Level 5 confirmation of JAIRA.

Japan Association of Ion Research and Application (JAIRA) is a private organization aimed to straighten up chaotic negative ion market in Japan since it has established in 2001. JAIRA test our new product- IONION LX Negative Ion Generator in accordance with JIS-B-9929. Not only proved the negative ion generator’s increment has highly credibility, but also achieved the Level 5 confirmation of JAIRA.

Negative ions have a net positive effect on health, including improved mood, stabilized catecholamine regulation and circadian rhythm and reduced the rise in salivary chromogranin A-like immunoreactivity (a marker of stress and anxiety) such as enhanced recovery from physical exertion from positive ion-related stress, exhaustion disorders, then improved performance.

Allergy is caused by an overactive Sympathetic Nervous System.Sympathetic Nervous System is highly sensitive to stress, late nights, and electromagnetic effects of cell-phones, televisions etc. According to an investigation at university, it is said that “Negative ions inhibit the action of the Sympathetic Nervous System and stimulates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, making both your mind and body relaxed.”

Repeal PM2.5 and suspended particles

Countermeasure of PM2.5、hay fever and other air related allergies.

IONION LX has been certified by Japan organization that it can repeal 99.9% airbone PM2.5.

The dust, virus, pollen, PM2.5 and other harmful particles are positively charged ions. Unfortunately, our modern-day homes and workplaces also full of harmful positive ions.

Bring the IONION LX with you all the time, negative ions will full around you. These negative ions help to clean the air by causing allergens such as pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria and other harmful particles floating in the air to be attracted and stick together forming clusters.

PM2.5 suspended particles
There are outdoor and indoor sources of fine particles. Fine particulate matter (PM 2.5) is an air pollutant that is a concern for people's health when levels in air are high. Larger particles are generally filtered in the nose and throat via cilia and mucus, but particulate matter smaller than about 10 micrometers, referred to as PM 10. And the particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers, it called PM2.5. The widths of the larger particles in the PM 2.5 size range would be about thirty times smaller than that of a human hair, tend to penetrate into the gas exchange regions of the lung and PM 2.5 pass through the lungs to affect other organs, may be even more damaging to the cardiovascular system. The effects of inhaling particulate matter may be associated with increased rates of asthma, lung cancer and heart death. It cannot be depreciated that human and environment were affected by.

No harsh chemicals or ozone
Safe to children and the elderly

Some other ionizers of poor quality generate overdose ozone which is harmful as by-product. IONION LX generates less than 0.01 ppm of Japan MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) recommendations of ozone. (0.01ppm). IONION LX does not emit harmful ozone to effect human body。

The secret about plasma
Exclusive patent - The Iron Mesh of negative-ion power

There has the iron mesh of negative-ion power on IONION LX behind. It makes negative-ion emit more when touching the iron mesh. And those special mesh help to clean the air by causing allergens such as pollen, dust, mold spores, bacteria and other harmful particles floating in the air to be attracted and stick together forming clusters. If you almost touch the iron mesh with, you might feel a very light breeze of air while you are near the tips of the ion emitter.

JAPAN Permit No.5062706

IONION LX filters out formaldehyde 94.6%

Formaldehyde is a colorless chemical which is easily to be absorbed by respiratory tract. When Formaldehyde is dissolved in water, it becomes “Formalin”, which can be absorbed by digestive tract. It is commonly found in furniture and many interior design materials, which releases highly irritant gas for over 20 years.

Formaldehyde is harmful to human body. When it is present in the air, some individuals may experience adverse effects such as coughing, wheezing and nausea. The chronic (long-term) inhalation of formaldehyde in children will result in asthma, menstrual disorder, and chromosomal abnormalities in newborn babies. Formaldehyde will cause severe damage to cells, and IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) has classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen.

IONION LX has been certified by SGS that it can decrease 94.6 % of formaldehyde in the air.



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Power ON:LED light show in BLUE

Also can use it in the pocket of the shirt
and put the side of ion emitting position up

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Please keep the ion emitting position clean

Please do not put the finger into the ion emitting position.

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Pearl white style

The length of strap is adjustable and the strap is removable.
The ideal wearing location of IONION LX is the second button on the shirt.

  • Charging 3hrs provide 30hrs of extended use

    Connecting IONION LX to the charging cable and adapter. The red indicator turns on when IONION LX is charging and turns off when IONION LX is fully charged.

    100% Charged in 180 Mins
    Continuous using in 30hr±10%
    Intermittent using:8hr a day and you can use in 4 days.

    *Product packaging included charging cable and adapter.
    *The voltage stabiliity of regions have an affect on charging efficiency.
    *Battery life may depend on the temperature and humidity in different regions.
    *Continuous using in 20HR±10% in 0° C

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Please do not touch or put anything else into the emitting position when the power on


Remove the dust from the ion emitting position after turning off the switch and please clean the ion emitting position each time you use it, in order to prevent the build up of dust. Use Q-tip dipped in a little alcohol to clean it up.


Please don't touch the emitting position and the electrode with a pin when power on.

■ Please don't sniff the negative ion emitting position, otherwise electrical discharge
   between electrodes and your nose occur.
■ Unless doctors allowed pacemaker users, please don’t use IONION LX.
■ May cause fire or malfunction. Do not disassemble or modify.
■ Do not operate in space with danger of explosion.

Technical Specifications

Product name: ionion LX

■ Material of main body:ABS resin
■ Method: Corona discharge
■ Size: L 65 × W 25 x H 16 mm
■ Weight of product:20g (incl.Built-in rechargeable battery)
■ Ion generation: LED light show in blue
■ Power:Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
   Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
■ Operating ambient temperature: 32° to 100° F (0° to 40° C)
   Relative humidity: 30% to 70% noncondensing
■ Warranty period: 1 year
■ Negative ion generation quantity: approx. 190,000 cm3
※Measured in Japan of functional Ionic Association
■ Accessories : Power adapter (dedicated USB cable included), leather strap, instruction


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